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N. Norton Clark

N. Norton Clark

The death of N. Norton Clark, which occurred at the Chelsea Home on April 24th, brings to a close almost a century of the life of a Methodist. Born in Maine in 1841, moving in 1846 to a farm which his parents had purchased in Ohio, near Toledo, Bro. Clark attended the rural schools and, at the age of 19 years, entered the Central Ohio Conference Seminary. On graduation from thence he taught school for a short time and then entered upon a business life which occupied his time until the insistent call to preach led him into Garrett, from whence he graduated in 1872 and entered the Detroit Conference where he labored faithfully and with success for 38 active years.

Almost all of his ministerial work was in the Ann Arbor or Flint Districts and he maintained a steady average of one member added to the church during each week of his active ministry.

He was married in 1863 to Miss Carrie M. Baker of Lambertville, who died in 1915. His second wife was Myra L. Clay of Williamston, one of the later charges he served. It was here that he built our present church which is, perhaps, Bro. Clark's outstanding achievement in the way of material addition to the property of the Detroit Conference.

Upon his retirement, Bro. Clark moved to Petersburg where he had built a very comfortable home for himself and his wife. Mrs. Clark died in 1932.

The next year Bro. Clark moved to the Home at Chelsea where he remained until his death.

He was an all round pastor, preacher, financier, and leader. His example in many directions could with advantage, be followed by preachers today. He always paid his way as he went, never leaving others to finance his work. It can be said of him that he was faithful and loyal to his Master, to his Denomination and to the people whom he served.

Funeral services were held at Petersburg Church with C.W. Scott in charge.

- Detroit Annual Conference minutes of 1937, pp. 303-304