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Edward Thomson

Bishop Edward Thomson, D.D., LL.D.

Born, Portsea, England, October, 1810.

Came to United States, 1819.

Began practice of medicine, 1829.

Converted in 1831.

Entered Ohio Conference, 1832. Began to teach at Norwalk, Ohio, 1838.

Editor Ladies' Repository, 1844-6.

President Ohio Western University, 1846-60.

Editor Christian Advocate, New York, 1860.

Elected Bishop, May, 1864. Died at Wheeling, Va., March 21, 1870.

His age was sixty. Thirty-eight of these years were given to the Church. As an educator at Norwalk and Delaware, Ohio; as editor of the Ladies' Repository and the Christian Advocate and Journal, and as a member of the Episcopal Board, by voice, pen and example, he proved himself a spotless, skilled workman, that needeth not to be ashamed either as to the quality or fruits of his labor. A massive intellect, a classic style of expression, thorough study, patient thought, singular modesty, impartial judgment, absence of prejudice, broad human sympathies, and a devout spirit, were among his characteristics; and now, after the close of his unobtrusive yet useful life, the Church will the more fully appreciate how, in respective traits, he emulated Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles, and John the beloved Disciple. While we lament his sudden death, we yet thank God for the gift of his services, and the tide of good influences he set in motion toward all shores. His death was like the breaking of the alabaster box, for “ the house is fllled with the odor of the ointment” of his precious memory.

- Detroit Annual Conference minutes of 1870, p. 402

[Note by the Archives: Member of the Michigan Conference, 1836-1840, during which time he was elected and ordained as an Elder. He served as Secretary of the Michigan Annual Conference in 1837, 1838, and 1839.]