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Arnold, John Motte Selections from the Autobiography of Rev. J.M. Arnold, D.D. and from his Editorial Writings on the Doctrine of Sanctification / compiled and arranged by M.A. Boughton.  (Ann Arbor, MI: Index Publishing House, 1885).  Arnold served as a minister from 1848-1862 and then business manager/assistant editor and then editor-in-chief of the Michigan Christian Advocate.
Collins, Judson Dwight Hinman, C.T. - The Model Christian Young Man: An Address on the Life and Character of Rev. Judson Dwight Collins, Late Missionary to China (Detroit Free Press Book and Job Office Print, 1852)
Judson Collins Center (near Onsted, Michigan)
Judson Collins Memorial Cemetery (Washtenaw County, Michigan)
Obituary from the 1852 Annual Conference Minutes
Conference Bishops Resident Bishops, 1917-Present
Conference Cane History Conference Cane
Hickey, Manasseh Hickey, Manasseh - A Missionary Among the Indians: Reminiscences, Report of the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan, Vol. IV, pp, 23-37 and 544-556.
Lanning, Robert C. Dodd, James A. - The Letters of the Reverend Robert C. Lanning to the Reverend Henry W. Hicks, 1866-1888: A View of Early Methodism in Michigan, Methodist History, April 1987.  Letters from the Hicks Papers detailing Lanning's life as a minister in Dearborn, Caro, Hartland, Williamston, Danville, Mount Morris, Davisburg, Gaines, Byron, Quinnesec, Redford, Southfield, Warren, and Leesville.
Lee, Luther Autobiography of the Rev. Luther Lee, D.D. (New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1882).  Minister and antislavery activist who served in several states and conferences.  Late in his career he became a professor at Adrian College and then joined the Detroit Conference in 1867.
Kostlevy, William C. - Luther Lee and Methodist Abolitionism, Methodist History, January 1982.
Marksman, Peter Pitezel, John H. -  Life of Rev. Peter Marksman, an Ojibwa Missionary: Illustrating the Triumphs of the Gospel Among the Ojibwa Indians (Cincinnati: Western Methodist Book Concern, ca. 1901).  Marksman was an Ojibwa who became a Methodist Episcopal missionary to other Native Americans during the 19th century.
Pilcher, Elijah Holmes Brunger, R.A. - Elijah Holmes Pilcher: Methodist Preacher Extraordinary (Methodist History Magazine, July 1964)
Pilcher, James E. -  Life and Labors of Elijah H. Pilcher, of Michigan: Fifty-nine Years a Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church (New York: Hunt & Eaton, 1892.
Pitezel, John H. Historical Recollections: A Paper Read Before the Historical Society of the Michigan Conference at Jackson, Michigan, September 23, 1872 (Cincinnati: Hitchcock and Walden, 1873).  This focuses on the creation of the Michigan Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church and its early history.
Pitezel, John H. - Lights and Shades of Missionary Life: containing travels, sketches, incidents, and missionary efforts, during nine years spent in the region of Lake Superior. (Cincinnati, Walden & Stowe, 1882). This covers his work with Native Americans between 1843 and 1852. This is a new edition with important supplementary matter to a book originally published in 1857.
Reed, Seth Lincoln funeral pamphlet
Reed, Seth - The Story of My Life (Cincinnati: Jennings and Graham, 1914)
Rice, Merton S. Herbst, M.T. - The Monastery in the Methodist Eye: Rev. Merton S. Rice of Detroit and St. George of Choziba (Methodist History, October 2005)
Ridgway, Robert
Ridgway, Robert - Romeo Circuit in 1837
Roberts, Robert R. Elliott, Charles - The Life of the Rev. Robert R. Roberts (New York: G. Lane & C. B. Tippett, 1844).  He was the bishop who presided over the 1837 and 1841 Michigan Annual Conferences.
York, Frances Autobiography of Mrs. Frances D. York, Corresponding Secretary of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church, Detroit Conference, Michigan