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In the course of digitizing the holdings of several major research libraries, the Google Books project and the Internet Archive have converted some older annual conference journals to electronic form. Many Methodist Episcopal journals from both Michigan conferences are available, but only a few from the Michigan Evangelical and Methodist Protestant churches and none from the United Brethren.

The full text materials are in electronic form through Google Books or the Hathi Trust. Full-text of materials beyond the early 1920s have not yet been released. Later volumes are available in search-only and snippet views.

Michigan Methodist Episcopal Churches in Reports of the Genesee, Ohio, or Indiana Conferences

Published Responses to Disciplinary Questions, 1809-1839

(including Michigan church membership statistics and stationing of preachers)

In the early years, Michigan was part of the Upper Canada (Ontario) District of the New York Conference and then the Genesee Conference. In 1820, Michigan moved to the Ohio Conference and remained there until the creation of the Michigan Conference in 1836. Upon the creation of an Indiana Conference, several churches in southwestern Michigan were attached to that conference until 1839.

New York/Genesee Conferences

Ohio Conference

Indiana Conference

Michigan Conference Methodist Episcopal Journals, 1836-1855

When the Michigan Conference first met in 1836, it included several districts from northwest Ohio and did not include the churches in southwest Michigan that were part of the Indiana Conference. After 1839, these discrepancies were resolved and the boundaries of the Michigan Conference came to match those of the state.

The archives has digitized copies of typed transcripts of the earliest handwritten journals which are preserved in the West Michigan Conference Archives, but after the first decade the conference began publishing its conference proceedings and those have been digitized as part of book digitization projects by others.

Detroit Conference and Michigan Conference Methodist Episcopal Journals,

Beginning in 1856, Michigan was divided into two conferences - the Detroit Conference covering the east side of the Lower Peninsula and the entire Upper Peninsula and the Michigan Conference covering the west side of the Lower Peninsula. No volumes have been digitized yet for the years that do not have links.

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Michigan Conference

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